Day 40

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Day 39


Mathew 14:22-36 24 Meanwhile, the disciples were in trouble far away from land, for a strong wind had risen, and they were fighting heavy waves.

25 About three o’clock in the morning Jesus came toward them, walking on the water.

26 When the disciples saw him walking on the water, they were terrified. In their fear, they cried out, “It’s a ghost!”

27 But Jesus spoke to them at once. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Take courage. I am here!”

28 Then Peter called to him, “Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.”

29 “Yes, come,” Jesus said.

This is an invitation to trust God for what man thinks is impossible, but possible for God. Here we see a picture of the storms of life. Peter knew the sea and its power very well. He was an experienced fisherman. He knew that the sea was treacherous and dangerous, but Christ calls him out. He wants to test his faith. Peter goes and walks on water. He learns that Christ is Lord of all. God will test our faith, he will call and say COME. He will call you through a test, fight, disease, he says COME.

“Fear not, I’m going to hold you, leave there thy fear, I am more powerful you can trust me, just come .

I’ve found myself in great tests where I’ve had to let go of myself into his arms without looking at the storm that is around me.  When doctors gave no hope of life to my son after he was gunned down 9 times . God did a miracle.! In the loss of my dear mother, God gave me comfort! In trials both personal and in ministry, He has said come,  and I’ve walked toward Him.




Mateo 14:22-36

24 Mientras tanto, los discípulos se encontraban en problemas lejos de tierra firme, ya que se había levantado un fuerte viento y luchaban contra grandes olas.

25 A eso de las tres de la madrugada, Jesús se acercó a ellos caminando sobre el agua.

26 Cuando los discípulos lo vieron caminar sobre el agua, quedaron aterrados. Llenos de miedo, clamaron:¡Es un fantasma.

27 Pero Jesús les habló de inmediato:

—No tengan miedo —dijo—. ¡Tengan ánimo! ¡Yo estoy aquí!

28 Entonces Pedro lo llamó:

—Señor, si realmente eres tú, ordéname que vaya hacia ti caminando sobre el agua.

29 —Sí, VEN —dijo Jesús….

Una invitación a confiar en lo imposible para el hombre, pero posible para Dios. 


Aquí vemos un cuadro de las tormentas de la vida.  Pedro descendió del barco.  El conocía muy bien el mar. Tenía experiencia, era pescador.  Sabía que el mar era traicionero y peligroso, pero Cristo lo llama.  El quiere probar su fe.  Pedro va y camina sobre el agua.  El aprende que Cristo es el Señor de todo.  Dios va probar nuestra fe, el te va llamar y decir ven.  A través de una prueba, lucha, enfermedad, necesidad él dice VEN. 


“No temas yo te voy a sostener, deja allí tu temor, yo soy más poderoso… puedes confiar en mí, solo ven…”

Yo personalmente me encontrado en grandes pruebas donde he tenido que dejarme ir en sus brazo sin ver la tempestad que está a mi alrededor.  Cuando los doctores no daban esperanza de vida a mi hijo después de ser balaceado 9 veces. Allí Dios hizo el milagro… En la perdida de mi madrecita, El me dio el consuelo.  En grandes pruebas en el ministerio y personales… el me ha dicho ven… y yo he ido….



-Maria Salazar

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NUMBERS 13:1-2
The Lord said to Moses , “Send some men to explore the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelites. From each ancestral tribe send one of its leaders.”

In this portion of scripture, the bible says that God told Moses to choose twelve leaders.They weren’t just randomly chosen, God said choose 12 Leaders from the 12 tribes — just like we weren’t randomly chosen, but God hand picked us and we are chosen by God not only to be saved but to be “Gods chosen Leaders to lead His people”.
The enemy will always try to put things in our path to hinder us from possessing the land. He is always attempting to intimidate God’s people with unbelief. (Num. 13:27)
The theme of our United Women in Ministry & Gang Girl leadership retreat is ‘RADICAL and addicted to the cause’. For us to stay radical and addicted to the cause we need to have that same spiritual attitude and eye that Joshua and Caleb had —nothing stopped them (Num. 13:30). They had faith to posses the land, not only for themselves to be blessed and to fulfill the plan of God in their lives, but they had a whole generation depending on them! This was a generation that probably would have settled in the desert and died.
As leaders we have to make sure we stay close to God. A nation will rise or fall depending on the leadership, our very own country declined in the early 1960′s when we took prayers out of school. This was known as the age of humanistic relativism.(Humanism: philosophy which teaches that humans should be the central focus of everything. relativism: the philosophy that there is no absolute truths nor absolute right or wrong about anything).
If we as a people or LEADERS want to possess and inherit all that God has for our life and for our awesome Victory Outreach ministry international, we need to have a different spirit than the world has in these last days (it’s not about self, it’s about Jesus’ will being done). Don’t let the giants that we face in every day life hinder us with the spirit of unbelief or the philosophy of humanistic relativism, that would have us compromise the unadulterated word of God. So let us serve him, with the same spirit that Joshua and Caleb did wholeheartedly! (Num.14:24).

Kathy Heredia

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Day 37

Using What God Gave You

by Yolanda Prieto


The question to consider is “How can I make the best use of what God has given me?”In order to answer this question I had to go back and really examine what my shape is.  I examined six experiences:Family,Educational,Vocational,Spiritual,Ministry,Painful ExperiencesI remember that in my family my father would always say that the word “can’t” did not exist, so I learned to PERSEVERE; in the area of education I did well in most of my classes (attended Catholic School), so I learned the DISCIPLINE OF STUDYING; in the area of Vocational my favorite job was teaching people how to run answering services for major companies, so I learned to COMMUNICATE; in the area of Ministry, I have learned to be a SERVANT; but it is in the area of Pain that I have probably learned the most.

God  allowed me to go through the hard process of raising four children as a Single mom before I met my husband, but my greatest pain occurred recently when one of my sons passed away through suicide.  However, it was through this experience that God helped me to persevere, communicate, keep serving, and discipline myself.  God is faithful.  I love to work with young moms, children and troubled youth.  Having lived through these experiences has helped to shape me and I can now say,“It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.

The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.” (Psalm 119:71-72) Love,Yolanda Prieto

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Day 36

One of the great figures in the Bible as an example of separation unto God is Daniel. Daniel famously served God and experienced a life of supernatural provision and intimacy with his Lord. It is safe to say Daniel lived a life that left a legacy. And for Daniel this started early in his youth. Along with three of his friends; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego they set the standard of what it means to live a life of conviction and discipline as they honored God with body, mind, heart and soul. They set one of the Biblical principles for fasting.As Daniel continued to serve the King of Babylon we find that God began to use Daniel and the gifts he bestowed on the young man. Daniel had a gift to interpret dreams and this became useful in the King’s court where he served. In Daniel chapter 2 is one the first accounts where Daniel takes a step of faith and puts to test his gift. The Bible tells us in verse 14 of chapter 2, that Daniel spoke to the commander of the King’s guard with ‘wisdom and tact’. Then when God opened the door for Daniel to have time with the King and exercise his gift; Daniel takes the time to ask his three good friends to pray! Sure enough in the middle of the night the Lord revealed the King’s dream to him in a vision.This would be Daniel’s lifelong calling and lead to one of the most accurate and prophetic legacies within the Bible; Daniel being among the few who had visions of Christ and his second coming. What an honor! What a legacy! But what a life of conviction, commitment and discipline.And so Victory Outreach women as we seek God during this time of prayer and fasting we can draw from Daniel’s life and seek God just as he did; with conviction, commitment and discipline. It’s a call to be radical, step out of our comfort zones and believe God for his promises! Now that He is here and we’ve given him control, freedom and liberty over our lives…anything is possible in Jesus name.

With love,Lorraine Bernal SGVE G.A.N.G. Girl Regional

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Day 35

“The beauty in waiting”“

As it turns out, forgiveness is your habit, and that’s why you’re worshiped. I pray to God-my life a prayer-and wait for what he’ll say and do. My life’s on the line before God, my Lord, waiting and watching till morning, waiting and watching till morning. O Israel, wait and watch for God-with God’s arrival comes love, with God’s arrival comes generous redemption. No doubt about it, he’ll redeem Israel, buy back Israel from captivity to sin. (Psalm 130:4-8 MSG)”The waiting room, a land where time seemingly stands still. It is a place where life is put on hold. In my doctor’s office, it feels like hours have passed, and yet when I look at my watch, it’s been only 20 minutes. When we are in the waiting room, it seems as if progress has come to a screeching halt.”-Mark WheelerWe all know that “waiting” is a large part of our Christian journey on this earth. It’s actually one of The main reason for serving  as frequently  in Gods kingdom as we do, because we are waiting to be raptured by The Lord and we are telling the whole world about HIS return. Waiting is the journey that lies between the problem and our promise or miracle. We wait for blessings, our children to be saved, husbands to be saved, callings to unfold, family members to be released, physical healing, emotional healing, finances, we even wait to be with our loved ones after they are taken home to be with The Lord, and we are waiting for the coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.But for a moment….. lets take our eyes off the waiting and let’s take a good long look at the beauty in process or we will say the beauty in waiting. As women we hold on to promises for our children or families and when we are single we are always deeply and anxiously looking towards the future.  As we wait it seems as though the progress and process has come to a stop, but in our spirit realm it truly is only the beginning. It’s where God begins to work behind the scenes.I have come to realize more and more in this journey that what we do, say and how we react in the “waiting period” is not only a reflection of our intimate relationship with God, but it also gives fruit in our future.A special scripture deep in my heart is Isaiah 40:31“But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, They run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind.”If you take a moment to really take in this scripture it is not referring to after the math of the problem but our present state, “But those who wait upon God…” The moment when waiting seems long, our moments are dark and our silence seems quieter. It is then that we are challenged to go against everything we feel and follow and believe in what we know is true which is the power of God.It is an unseen reality that we have to recognize and when we do we will face our problems and even everyday life in a new appreciation, drive and zeal and that is truly the beauty in waiting. Has we finish this fast strong know that Waiting for the breakthrough is only the surface of what is yet to come just hold on and smile.“Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades. The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God. Give her everything she deserves! Festoon her life with praises!”

Carolina Ortiz

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Day 34

Exodus 17:11
“Don’t get tired of lifting your hands”

“Lowering your arms” or “lowering your hands” means:Tiredness, impotent before something, to give up, to surrender. In this time there are many people that surround us that have lowered their arms; they have lost their faith and their hope. They have been defeated by the circumstances or situations that have been presented to them. And since they couldn’t do it with their talents, capacity, and human resources, they gave up, as to say, they lowered their arms. The weight of everything negative, the weight that is produced by adversity, and everything we desire that doesn’t happen, has the tendency to make our arms and hands weary.
Raise your hands to pray to God:
Hear my cry for mercy as I call to you for help, as I lift up my hands toward your Most Holy Place. Psalms 28:2
Raise your hands to overcome limits:
“Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground.” Exodus 14:16
Raise your hands to defeat your enemies:
“As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning.” Exodus 17:11
Raise your hands to bless:
“I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands.” Psalms 63:4
Raise your hands to take the hand of God and walk up and forward. Hands must remain raised in accordance with your strength, your capacity of resistance, persistence of whom raises their hands, don’t get tired of raising your hands!!!

Sonia Ortiz

Éxodo 17.11
“No te canses de levantar tus manos”

“Bajar los brazos” o “bajar las manos” significa: Cansancio, impotencia ante algo, darse por vencido, rendirse. En este tiempo hay demasiadas personas a nuestro alrededor que han bajado los brazos, han bajado sus manos, han perdido su fe y esperanza. Han sido derrotados por las circunstancias o situaciones que se les presentaron. Y como no pudieron con sus talentos, capacidades y recursos humanos, se dieron por vencidos, es decir, bajaron los brazos. El peso de las cargas de todo lo negativo, el peso que produce la adversidad y todo lo que no deseamos y que nos ocurre, tienden a que nuestros brazos y manos se cansen.

1.-Levanta tus manos para orar a Dios:
“Oye la voz de mis ruego cuando clamo a ti, cuando alzo mis manos hacía tu santo templo.” Salmos 28:2.
2.-Levanta tus manos para superar los límites:
“Y tu alza tu vara, y extiende tu mano hacia el mar…” Éxodo 14:16.
3.-Levanta tus manos para vencer a tus enemigos:
“Y sucedía cuando alzaba Moisés su mano, Israel prevalecía; mas cuando él bajaba su mano, prevalecía Amalec. Éxodo 17:11.
4.-Levanta las manos para bendecir:
“Así te bendeciré en mi vida; en tu nombre alzaré mis manos.”
Salmo 63:4
Levanta tus manos para tomarte de la mano de Dios para caminar hacia arriba y para adelante.
Las manos Permanecen Levantadas de acuerdo a la Fortaleza, la Capacidad de Resistencia y Persistencia de quien las levanta, ¡no te canses de levantar tus manos!
Sonia Ortiz

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Day 33

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Day 32

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Day 31

Beauty in Prayer
Legs crossed, head bowed down, hands opened. Hearts being laid bare.
The Lord loves it when we talk with Him. He loves a heart that seeks Him. A Generation that is truly after his own heart. That’s what He desires, a heart that wants Him completely, more than anything else.
“You will seek me and find me. When you seek me with all your heart…” Jeremiah 29:13
“You have said, ‘Seek my face.’ My heart says to you, ‘Your face, LORD, do I seek.’” Psalm 27:8
The essence of prayer is that we get to know God and become more like Him. I was reminded of that truth last night, as I was driving home and it hit me! How beautiful is a heart that seeks our Lord. How beautiful is a mouth that gives Him praise. How beautiful is raw confession & a humble heart that says we can’t, but calls on God and asks Him to take over.
“But whenever someone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image.” 2 Corinthians 3:16-18
He loves a heart surrendered to Him, a heart that trusts Him and seeks Him. Even in the mess and weakness; through the tears, my heart is forever changed. I’m clearly reminded of God’s promises daily, thorough prayer.
Let’s seek the Lord today, and continue to press on in fasting. In order to expect the unexpected in these 40 days of fasting we must be Women and G.A.N.G. Girls of prayer. Let’s run into His presence, pour out our hearts, lay our burdens down at His feet, pray with open hands, and rejoice that He indeed meets with us.

La Belleza En la Oracion
Piernas Cruzadas, rostro inclinado, manos abiertas. Corazones al descubierto.
De Corazón
El Señor ama cuando hablamos con él. El ama a un corazón que le busca. Una generación que realmente esta tras su corazón. Eso es lo que El deseo, un corazón que lo quiere complemente, mas que cualquier otra cosa.
“Me buscarán y me encontrarán, cuando me busquen de todo *corazón…” Jeremías 29:13
“El corazón me dice: ¡Busca su rostro! Y yo, Señor, tu rostro busco.” Salmos 27:8

La esencia de la oración es que conozcamos al Señor y seamos mas como El. Fui recordada de esta verdad ayer en la noche, cuando manejaba hacia mi casa ¡me pego! Que bello es el corazón que busca a nuestro Señor. Que bella es la boca que le rinde alabanza. Que bella es una pura confesión y un corazón humilde que dice no puedo, pero acude a Dios y le pide que tome el control.
“Pero cada vez que alguien se vuelve al Señor, el velo es quitado. 17 Ahora bien, el Señor es el Espíritu; y donde está el Espíritu del Señor, allí hay libertad. 18 Así, todos nosotros, que con el rostro descubierto reflejamos como en un espejo la gloria del Señor, somos transformados a su semejanza con más y más gloria por la acción del Señor, que es el Espíritu.”2 Corintios 3:16-18
El ama un corazón rendido a El, un corazón que confía en El y le busca. Aun en el desorden y la debilidad; en las lágrimas, mi corazón es cambiado por siempre. Recuerdo claramente las promesas del Señor, por medio de la oración.
Busquemos a Dios hoy. Y continua adelante en este ayuno, debemos ser Mujeres y G.A.N.G. Girls de oración. Corramos a su presencia, derramar nuestro corazón, dejar nuestras cargas a sus pies, orar con manos abiertas, y regocijarnos en que el en realidad se junta con nosotros.

Jessica Santana
G.A.N.G. Girl Regional
San Diego Hispanic Region

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