Day 2

Dodie Vasquez – Victory Outreach Denver Co.

Hebrews 13:21
“May he equip you with all you need for doing his will. May he produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ every good thing that is pleasing. All glory to him forever and ever Amen.” NLT

I was reflecting on when I became pregnant with the triplets, I knew twins could be possible but not triplets. When we saw the ultra sound we actually began to laugh thinking this is impossible, then the tears began as the nurse said look one, two, three babies.
So many things began to run though my mind. How was I going to manage, being a mother of one, now suddenly becoming a young mother of four, Plus we were pioneering a church and we had just started a men’s home in our house. All these emotions immediately raced through my mind.
Then People began to share their heart felt comments like, God really wants to bless you, God will not give you more than that what you can’t handle, or God is wanting to do great things in your life, you are so special. Of course I didn’t feel that way at the time.
It was hard to feel special when your five months pregnant and no maternity clothes fit, my mother made me 3 dresses with extra material. Of course no shoes would fit, so in the middle of winter I’m wearing sandals with tube socks and a tent dress. I didn’t feel special! Of course I laugh now, but I cried then.
I reflect once again and see how God brought me through day by day, he strengthened me emotionally, physically, and gave me the courage to face the challenge before me. I reflect and see how special I am that he chose me to carry triplets, blessed me with the health I needed, and blessed me three beautiful children.
Sometimes you can feel so overwhelmed with the call of God. Many thoughts may race through your mind, ” I’ll never be able to do all that God has called me to do.”
During these 40 days of fasting, let us trust God and live this life of faith, and be secure that our God will provide and equip us for everything we need.
You Are So Special!!!! He Chose You!!!!

Hebreos 13:21

“Los capacite con todo lo que necesiten para hacer su voluntad. Que él produzca en ustedes, mediante el poder de Jesucristo, todo lo bueno que a él le agrada. ¡A él sea toda la gloria por siempre y para siempre! Amén.” NTV

Estaba reflexionando cuando estaba embarazada con las trillizas, sabía que era posible tener gemelos pero no trillizas. Cuando miramos el ultrasonido nos empezamos a reír pensando esto es imposible, pero poco después las lagrimas empezaron a caer cuando la enfermera nos decía miren uno, dos, tres bebes.

Tantas cosas empezaron a correr por mi mente. Como le iba a hacer, siendo una madre joven de uno y ahora de cuatro, además estábamos peonando una iglesia y acabábamos de empezar la casa de hombres en nuestra casa. Todas estas emociones empezaron a correr por mi mente. Después la gente me empezó a animar con sus comentarios sinceros como; Dios realmente te quiere bendecir, Dios no te va a dar más de lo que tú puedas sobrellevar, o Dios quiere hacer cosas grandes en tu vida, ¡Eres tan especial! Por supuesto que en ese entonces no me sentía especial.

Es difícil sentirte especial cuando estas con 5 meces de embarazo y ninguna ropa de maternidad te queda, mi mama me hizo tres vestidos con material extra. Y por supuesto que ningunos zapatos me quedaban, usaba sandalias en el invierno con calcetines de tubo y un vestido que parecía tienda de campaña. ¡No me sentía especial! Y si me rio hoy pero en ese entonces lloraba. Reflexiono ahora y miro como Dios me sostuvo día tras día, me fortaleció emocionalmente, físicamente, y me dio valor para enfrentarme al desafío por delante. Reflexiono y me doy cuenta que tan especial soy que me escogió para cargar trillizos, me bendijo con la salud necesaria, y con tres maravillosos hijos. A veces puedes sentirte tan sobrecargada con el llamado de Dios. Muchos pensamientos pueden correr por tu mente, “Nunca podre hacer todo lo que Dios me ha llamado hacer.”
Durante esto 40 días de ayuno y oración confiemos en Dios y vivamos esta vida de fe, estemos seguras que Dios proveerá y nos equipara para cada cosa necesaria.

¡Eres muy especial! ¡El te escogió!

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19 Responses to Day 2

  1. Maira Walker says:

    This devotion was so special Dodie, and right on time! It reminded me of how it was when I lived in the mens home or when we were pioneering in Chicago. Boy, talk about sacrifice, but it built backbone & taught me to depend on God! I pray that the future generations of disciples will not be offended by the cross & the sufferings that it might bring, but that they would rather trust in God because He’s faithful, because He loves us & because He thinks we’re special!! When life goes by so fast, it’s good to know that He’s in control!! Love you my friend………

  2. JazzyJubilantJoanna says:

    Beautiful! God is sooo good!!!

  3. Genevieve Rios says:

    Thank you for sharing, I am encouraged.

  4. Romina Meza VO Chino says:

    Thank you for that heartfelt devotion : )

  5. yes loved it! Thank you sista Dodie

  6. Priscilla Renta says:

    Sis Dodie, Thank you for sharing this with us. This was right on time and much needed. I feel so encouraged.

  7. Crystal Roa says:

    Thank you so much Sis Dodie! As I read this, my husband and I are moving back into our Men’s home with our four children, where we started many years ago. There is nothing that God has given me that I would hold back from Jesus and His call. Thank you for the encouragement, I know we can do it through Christ, we have such a great lineage and examples to follow!

  8. CAthyv says:

    A courageous woman, i see ( i have told you these things, so that in me you may have perfect peace and confidence. In the world you have tribulation and trail and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer(take courage; be confident,certain, undaunted) for i have over come the world.(i have deprived it of power to harm you and have conquered it for you. (john 16:33

  9. Hervirla gomez says:

    Muchas, gracias hermana por traducirlo en español, lo único que puedo decir sobre su mensaje es que servimos a un DIOS MÁS GRANDE Que cualquier citación que tengamos, bendiciones.;))

  10. mnchee33blog says:

    I’ve been so inspired like never before about our fast. The excitement from one another is amazing. I made copies for a few sisters of an old handout that was given at La Puente for the same fast. I got new recipes and look forward to being creative. As I read this Sis Dodie I thought so many times we can feel this way but look at the outcome. God is so amazing. His keeping, changing power. I’m believing for my families salvation this year. They’ve got there names on a row of seats at our church. “V.O. CHINO”

  11. Veronica Franco says:

    Love these encouraging words!!!!!!!

  12. Orquidea Aguirre says:

    Sis. Dodie, I truly thank the Lord for you and Pastor Tom and the whole family! We love you guys so dearly. I love hearing about these times, it is truly very encouraging…!!!

  13. Gracias en verdad!! nesesitaba escuchar palabras animadoras en este memento..Gracias hmna Dodie que Dios siga bendisiendo su Vida.

  14. solano says:

    Powerful and encouraging.. thank you for being such an inspiration

  15. Lilly Perez says:

    Wow how inspirational, it brought tears to my eyes but it also brought a peace knowing that our Lord never give us more than we can handle.

  16. Marcia says:

    Thank you Sis. Dodie, for sharing this!

  17. Marlyn Esters says:

    This is a beautiful heartfelt devotion. So inspiring, pioneering is exciting yet challenging…and feeling Special doesn’t come easy. Thank you. Love you Sis Dodie

  18. raquel says:

    que hermoso, mensaje

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