Day 36

One of the great figures in the Bible as an example of separation unto God is Daniel. Daniel famously served God and experienced a life of supernatural provision and intimacy with his Lord. It is safe to say Daniel lived a life that left a legacy. And for Daniel this started early in his youth. Along with three of his friends; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego they set the standard of what it means to live a life of conviction and discipline as they honored God with body, mind, heart and soul. They set one of the Biblical principles for fasting.As Daniel continued to serve the King of Babylon we find that God began to use Daniel and the gifts he bestowed on the young man. Daniel had a gift to interpret dreams and this became useful in the King’s court where he served. In Daniel chapter 2 is one the first accounts where Daniel takes a step of faith and puts to test his gift. The Bible tells us in verse 14 of chapter 2, that Daniel spoke to the commander of the King’s guard with ‘wisdom and tact’. Then when God opened the door for Daniel to have time with the King and exercise his gift; Daniel takes the time to ask his three good friends to pray! Sure enough in the middle of the night the Lord revealed the King’s dream to him in a vision.This would be Daniel’s lifelong calling and lead to one of the most accurate and prophetic legacies within the Bible; Daniel being among the few who had visions of Christ and his second coming. What an honor! What a legacy! But what a life of conviction, commitment and discipline.And so Victory Outreach women as we seek God during this time of prayer and fasting we can draw from Daniel’s life and seek God just as he did; with conviction, commitment and discipline. It’s a call to be radical, step out of our comfort zones and believe God for his promises! Now that He is here and we’ve given him control, freedom and liberty over our lives…anything is possible in Jesus name.

With love,Lorraine Bernal SGVE G.A.N.G. Girl Regional

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