NUMBERS 13:1-2
The Lord said to Moses , “Send some men to explore the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelites. From each ancestral tribe send one of its leaders.”

In this portion of scripture, the bible says that God told Moses to choose twelve leaders.They weren’t just randomly chosen, God said choose 12 Leaders from the 12 tribes — just like we weren’t randomly chosen, but God hand picked us and we are chosen by God not only to be saved but to be “Gods chosen Leaders to lead His people”.
The enemy will always try to put things in our path to hinder us from possessing the land. He is always attempting to intimidate God’s people with unbelief. (Num. 13:27)
The theme of our United Women in Ministry & Gang Girl leadership retreat is ‘RADICAL and addicted to the cause’. For us to stay radical and addicted to the cause we need to have that same spiritual attitude and eye that Joshua and Caleb had —nothing stopped them (Num. 13:30). They had faith to posses the land, not only for themselves to be blessed and to fulfill the plan of God in their lives, but they had a whole generation depending on them! This was a generation that probably would have settled in the desert and died.
As leaders we have to make sure we stay close to God. A nation will rise or fall depending on the leadership, our very own country declined in the early 1960′s when we took prayers out of school. This was known as the age of humanistic relativism.(Humanism: philosophy which teaches that humans should be the central focus of everything. relativism: the philosophy that there is no absolute truths nor absolute right or wrong about anything).
If we as a people or LEADERS want to possess and inherit all that God has for our life and for our awesome Victory Outreach ministry international, we need to have a different spirit than the world has in these last days (it’s not about self, it’s about Jesus’ will being done). Don’t let the giants that we face in every day life hinder us with the spirit of unbelief or the philosophy of humanistic relativism, that would have us compromise the unadulterated word of God. So let us serve him, with the same spirit that Joshua and Caleb did wholeheartedly! (Num.14:24).

Kathy Heredia

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  1. I determined to my heart to make a different to this generation! I have been chosen to maka a different in people life.

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