Praise Reports

We welcome you to post your praise reports, but please keep in mind they are public posts, please use discretion when necessary.


10 Responses to Praise Reports

  1. J.C says:

    Good morning I been talking with my co-worker for a few weeks about the 40 Day prayer and fasting. I challenged her to do it with me. I’m happy to report she accepted my challenge and we just downloaded the fast. Thank you Jesus!

  2. Diana Sumter says:

    Thank You JC for your praise report. I,m gonna challenge my home group to do this fasting with me. Bless you. Diana

  3. Veronica Velardes says:

    I challenged my co-worker who’d husband is fighting drug and alcohol addiction and is in rehab to do the 40day fast with me and after praying for her she accepted…PRAISE GOD!… VERONICA VOBARSTOW

  4. Terrie Jimenez says:

    A women in my church got discouraged, made a mistake and was set to do a lot of time in jail. Being a single mother with 3 kids and no family help it hit her really hard. Today at only day 2 of the fast, she went to court and through prayer and fasting they dropped all the cases and she does not have to do any time in jail! I thank God for hearing our prayers and allowing her to stay with her children!

  5. Sharon o Reilly (Ireland ) says:

    My son applied for a course to further his education but they said he didn’t meet the requirements he was so disappointed because he’d been badly bullied at school and really missed out on a lot but praise God doors were opened today after much prayer and he is starting on Monday !

  6. EastCoastUTC says:

    Here at the East Coast Urban Training Center in chicago we are experiencing breakthroughs in young students lives here. From the little things like food, to the big things like finances and even an abundance in areas that we are being a blessing to the neighbors. We are fasting to see and witness The hand of God move. Just like we read about in the Bible and in “Treasures Out Of Darkness”. We Are The Descendants.!!!!!!!!! #ShapingLeaders4TheFuture#UTC#IAMVO#Chi-City

  7. I started my 40 days fast with my church in V.O Brawley and I feel refresh. I know that I need Jesus more than yesterday for direction, wisdom, guidance, understanding and knowledge of his word. Thanks for this 40 days fast 2013.

  8. I am believing that God will do tremendous miracles through these 40 days. I am expecting the best. Purification, Santificacion, Consagracion, humiliation.

  9. Ruqayyah Abdullah says:

    The fast is really helping me to stay focused on God and giving me the ability to be more bold and courageous as well as helping to strengthen my faith and hope. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and I will!! I will not be moved and I will continue to press in and believe that God is ahead of me making my crooked paths straight. I have peace in spite of my circumstances so I feel very blessed.

  10. Maria says:

    Praise The Lord I’m not losing my house .God is good

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