Prayer Requests

We welcome you to post your prayer requests, but please keep in mind they are public posts, please use discretion when necessary.


23 Responses to Prayer Requests

  1. Stephanie says:

    Pray for my daughters salvation.

  2. Sonia C. says:

    prayer for a breakthrough in my marriage, after 21 years of marriage, need healing, husband to be more sensitive, waiting for that miracle, and for my children’s calling to have the right person disciple them towards the Lord and in their walk in the Lord, spiritual breakthrough as well, health healing, and unsave Children’s salvation, and healing, and protection, also grandbabies, and daughter Elizabeth, who is deaf, 21years old, going on her second baby, for grace and mercy in Tijuana where she lives, to be open to the guideless of the holy spirit. and all other needs as well unspoken. God bless.

  3. Glenn Jones says:

    please keep in prayer the renovation of the emerald property here in chicago, we need funds to begin the process.The property will be used as a special ops home for the englewood community to reach drug addicts, gang members, and the families impacted by the violence that has errupted in englewood. Also to serve as a training ground for street ministry and evangelism.

  4. nancy andrade says:

    Please pray for my daughters salvation.
    Thank you

  5. liz says:

    Pray that God would give me a passion for ministry and for souls and a heart for the things that matter to him

  6. Becky says:

    Pray for my son and my future daughter in law and their (my) unborn grand daughter…the enemy is trying to break up this family up as they are drawing closer and reconciling with the Lord…

  7. Monica says:

    I pray that God will fuel a fire in my soul for ministry!And that God can use me to do whatever he needs/wants me to do! I pray that God will give my husband the knowledge and strength to pass his test for a new job he applyed for! And that God will guide me as a mother to raise my kids the right way! I also pray for my unsaved loved ones, and ALL the people in the world that are lost I pray that they run into someone who tells them about my Jesus!

  8. Please pray for finances, salvation for my son Diamond & Alexxis .For healing upon my youngest son Sonnie who was borned & raised in the things of God that his pass will not hinder him from the call of God upon his life.That God would use myself & my husband to the fullest to reach the call of God in our lives.

  9. Diane Carrillo says:

    Prayer for March 14, 21, 26,: that God will change the king heart in this sentencing process. That their won’t be any prison time for Diane Carrillo driving while license suspended,and for my son Jack Davis, the police is going off his pass,and mine also. God bless you, and thank you.

  10. Michele hernandez says:

    Pray for a lady name Mercy that has been fighting cancer but now its in her brain and she is in ICU. needing a miracle.. Also for her Salvation

  11. Michele hernandez says:

    Please pray for a young lady name Cecilia Zamora Yolanda (Yaya) has been missing for 7 days and she always checks in with family. Got affiliated with some people and we think they might have harmed her. Please pray for a covering upon her and her loved ones. That the Lord will reveal her whereabouts and bring Things that are done in the dark to the light.

  12. sac says:

    Prayer for complete healing in my heart from people in church,who said lies about me.its been 3 yrs and still haunts me. I need mercy and grace over my life.i do forgive them.

  13. raquel says:

    por favor pido oracion por el pais de venezuela, orita es un tiempo que no es facil para el pais, que Dios sea tomando el control de este pais, pedimos por los jovenes, que estan en las pandillas, por las carceles, ya que no hay justicia para los presos, venezuela necesita a cristo con urgencia, es un tiempo dificil pedimos por la paz.

  14. Maria says:

    Please pray that I won’t lose my house .and for my. Gay daughter .

  15. Gloria ponce says:

    Prayer for all victory outreach family
    And for all pastors around the world and for the salvation of our families ponce,and Aguirre, busio,Lopez , thank you God bless you for your prayers.

  16. Kelly Felix says:

    Pray for the young people in Victory Outreach Cape Town,God Bless Kelly

  17. Deborah Eliu says:

    Pray for the young people in San Bernardino. May they come to Jesus

  18. April Smith says:

    I just ask for prayer for my fiance of 16 years the enemy is attacking really hard since i came back from women convention I just need to stay lifted in prayer for my family and my children thanks in Jesus Name Amen

  19. christina b says:

    PLS keep my grandbabies mother in prayer, her name is Grizsell. She is on heroin and is out there on the streets. Her mind is slowly dwindling away and needs salavation.

  20. grace8mh says:

    Prays for Devon 17 has been fighting different illnesses cancer for all of his life and the Drs have sent him home for hospice with family,, pray Peace strength and courage thru this time,.
    Pray for Lori 76 just got cancer drs say anytime age can pass is in hospice pray for salvation and a miracle
    Carolyn having 2 heart surgery 8am peace and strength Gods will in all
    Prayer for Ornales family aunt went to hospital last week and passed 76 unexpected strength for the family and unity
    Christina 3 yrs her heart is leaking might have to get surgury, prayer for healing

  21. Barbara Sanchez says:

    Please Pray for our WH dirctector Juliette Cordozo who was recently diagnosed with cancer and will be having surgery the 1st week of April. Also her family tomorrow they will be laying her Sister to rest after a battle with several illnessess. Juliette is a faithful soldier in need of our Prayers. Thank you so much

  22. Ruqayyah Abdullah says:

    I pray that i continue to strictly obey Gods commands for my life and that I hold on to the promises that He has given me, no matter how long I have to wait. I also pray for my children’s salvation and unity within the body of Christ and V.O. Atlanta

  23. Cynthia McKinney says:

    Please Pastor Johnny and Sister Kathy along with my home Church VO Seattlle. My family needs to be restored to the family God wants us to be. My Husband Kevin McKinnney filed for divorce and I need the church to pray for us. He has not been in Church so our family has suffered. We need all of your prayers. In Jesus name I ask for this. I hope to be able to find a way to get to Church soon. I’m still in Everett but have no car. I love you all very much. Thanks and have a very blessed day. Kevin and Cynthia McKinney

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